Stebbing 10 – Sunday 13th November

Ten miles is a long way – but the incentive of an extremely nice medal at the end encouraged me to give the Stebbing 10 a go. It was a beautiful morning, perfect running weather and together with Mandy, Andy and Vicky I made my way somewhat nervously to the start. Before the race began, we assembled outside the church for a brief remembrance service and two minute silence and then we were off. The words incline (in other words a hill) and undulating (lots of hills, one after the other) had been used to describe the course, but as we at Fittology all love hills, I began running with determination and optimism. The first two or three miles were the toughest, but then I found a steady pace and rhythm. The course is a good mix of country roads and pathways and the scenery is stunning, especially the autumn colours, all the better for the November sunshine. And the hills? Well, there were a few, but they weren’t so bad and I managed to run the whole course without a walk break. I felt really strong at the finish – my last mile was my fastest at 8m 23s – and I can honestly say I enjoyed every step. We all achieved great times (4 PB’s!) and the very special medal was the icing on the cake. My favourite race this year.

Few words from my experience of this years Roach Valley Relay..

Sunday the 15th of May was my 1st competitive race at The Roach Valley relay since a long delay from injury. To say I was nervous is an understatement, I quickly remembered the rush of adrenaline that you experience before setting off with the main thought being "I really should have trained more!". That being said I set off well, if not a bit quicker than expected due to bit of healthy competition from our coach Mandy 😉 (definitely a reinforcement of that thought " I really should have trained more".) Mandy and the other ladies who finished in front of me ran a great leg as I was beginning to struggle on the last 1/2 mile.

Great runs from everyone on the day meant that our teams finished 9th and 11th and thanks to all the runners, volunteers and Benfleet running club a grand total of £700 was raised for Havens hospice.

Taking part in this run after my injury reminded me what I love about running and belonging to this club. That's thanks in part to all of the advice and support we get and the team spirit from everyone that makes it so much fun.

Big love to fittology, keep on running!! X

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