Rudolph Run 2019

We always get "weather" at this race, and today was no exception! We've had rain, snow & hail and today we had wind (mini hurricane) it was brutal!! But in our true fashion we smiled through gritted teeth and got the job done. We had three runners competing in their first race, Louise RushenNathalie Lewis Karen A ShadboltTrisha Martin, Martin Sanderson, Keri Rungay and Diane Smith were virgin Rudolph's and Jo Trower was run buddying her sister. Big thank you to Eddy Cooper who supported me round. 

So, here are our results: First home Trisha Martin in 43.59 then Me 44.19, Martin Sanderson 45.28, Katie Darby 46.02, Diane Smith 47.57, Keri Rungay 61.39, Louise Rushen Nathalie Lewis 66.17, Jo Trower 67.31 & Karen A Shadbolt 72.15.

Great Running everyone!

Club members that participated: Diane Smith, Eddy Cooper, Katie Darby, Keri Rungay, Louise Rushen, Martin Sanderson, Nathalie Lewis & Trisha Martin