HARP 24hr Relay 2019

This was our third year at Harp24 and for the first time, we entered two teams, a mixed 5 & a female 8.

This was also the most challenging to organise due to last minute changes, runners dropping out & lack of volunteers. I had several sleepless nights before the day! 

Team A was struggling for members and I went through several scenarios in my head before finally working it out. I roped in Eddy Cooper (that's what family are for), and Katie Darby volunteered (more of an upgrade from coming over to support to running loads of laps) the rest of our team was Andy Fisher, Rebecca Shadbolt-Lang & myself.

Team B had been slightly easier to sort out; Diane Smith Catherine Coomber Vikki Raymen Hailey Wilson Jo Trower Lisa Pickering Keri Rungay & Annette Johnson (from Benfleet RC).

Well what can I say that hasn't already been said? What an amazing weekend! It was everything I hoped it would be, I am so proud of you all, it's been a privilege to run with you. Every one of you rose to the challenge, the team spirit was awesome. We had 6 Harp virgins, a few niggling injuries, one runner who hadn't actually done any running leading up to it (any guesses?) and one husband at home that needed attending to in between runs. Everything was done with a smile (and a bit of mickey taking) personally I don't think I suit the name Bungle!

We also had a chance for some real team bonding. Things I learnt: Diane Smith is laidback, Catherine Coomber is very competitive, Vikki Raymen is stronger than she knows, Hailey Wilson likes to wander into the woods without her phone, Jo Trower is a calming influence, Lisa Pickering is very funny (occasionally at my expense), Keri Rungay hopefully realises she is now a runner! Andy Fisher doesn't like sleeping with lots of girls, Rebecca Shadbolt-Lang is a real team player and Katie Darby, I couldn't have done it without you!

A big thank you to everyone that contributed to Harp this year especially our cyclists Mark, Ami & Dave. You were stars.

On a more serious note, I'd like to really thank David Cooper for making me endless cups of tea, for getting up early to do the tent, for coming back late to cycle & for sorting out the dogs. You are my rock (bit cliché but true).

STATS: We ran a total of 222.6 miles, our fastest lap was 28,02, slowest 60.00, Team A completed 25 laps in 8th place of 12 Team B completed 28 laps in 19th place of 24.The average pace for all mixed teams 3-5 was 52.58 and female 6-8 was 59.58. I can safely say both teams were well above average!

Club members that participated: Andy Fisher, Annette Johnson (honorary member), Catherine Coomber, Diane Smith, Eddy Cooper, Jacky Fisher, Jo Trower, Katie Darby, Keri Rungay, Lisa Pickering, Mandy Cooper, Rebecca Shadbolt-Lang & Vikki Raymen