The Grizzly 2020

Eight of us set off to Devon on Friday for this iconic race. We had a support crew of one, Gary Lang, to apply first aid, carry coats & anything else required!

The race itself is very hard to put into words, the start is on a pebble beach. The sound of several thousand pairs of feet makes an incredible noise. There are so many twists & turns and lots of surprises on route, from big drum bands to Vikings hiding in the woods.

The woods were filled with the smell of wild garlic, which almost made you forget how muddy & steep the hills were! There were lots of motivational signs along the way to encourage you, even as you went into the bogs, a graveyard of many trainers! We were getting toward the 17 mile mark when we hit "the stairway to heaven", Steps carved into the edge of a cliff, the final nail in the coffin. But when you reach the top it is a view to die for! You can also see the finish from there giving you renewed strength to get the job done! The finish is thankfully on the road & downhill, what a blessed relief. Running down that hill is the best feeling, especially doing it together.

Unfortunately we were a little late for the fireman that hose you down so we just had to wait for a shower instead! Yes we had a lot of pain, but we also had great memories too that will stay with us forever.


Well done Grizzly Warriors; "All it takes is everything you've got" ... next year anyone?

Club members that participated: (Cub) David Cooper & Jacky Fisher (Grizzly) Andy Fisher, Ben Kinder, Katie Darby, Mandy Cooper & Rebecca Shadbolt-Lang

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