Fittology is a small, friendly running club based in and around Southend. We are here to help you learn to run and break down your barriers.

We train together three times a week throughout the year, and attend various races together.

We have a mixed range of abilities and always make sure you are looked after.

There is plenty of opportunity to challenge yourself whilst making sure you have an appropriate amount of recovery! 

Training plans and one to one sessions are also available.

Mandy Cooper
Head Coach
I have always had a passion for running and  in my youth I represented my school, club & county on the track and at cross country.

I then had a very large gap before going back to running in 2011 when I qualified as an Athletics coach then shortly after as an Endurance coach. 

Coaching Assistant
Eddy Cooper
Club Co-ordinator
Mental Health Champion
Katie Darby
James Webb
Leader in Running Fitness
"I hope to be able to encourage beginners on their journey towards their targets and goals. Fittology is a great group where I have made lots of new friends as well as growing in confidence in my own ability"
Cathy Cornell